About Badges

Badges are awarded to accommodation that meet certain critera. Badged accommodation gets priority on search results. If you're an accommodation provider and believe your listing has been incorrectly badged, or deserves a badge, please contact the database manager.

'Pets considered' is awarded to rooms that do not tick the "no pets" rule
'Meal provided' is awarded to homestays that include the cost of meals in their rent.
'Party house' is awarded to student sharhouses that indicate they like to hold the occasional party.
'Real estate agent' is awarded to properties listed by accomodation providers who are registered as real estate agents.
'Cheap' is awarded to accommodation at or under $150 a week per room.

The 'featured' badge places listings on the front page and is awarded at the discretion of the database manager, usually on the basis of a well reviewed accommodation provider or a property of exceptional quality and value.